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Captivating content for websites and blogs in English and German

You want

  • website content or copy which reflects your business philosophy,
  • SEO content to attract your ideal customers/clients,
  • authentic translations in English and German for websites?Julia Hofbauer - Freelance German copywriter and translator for German and English

Then you can happily stop your search now!

My name is Julia Hofbauer.

I’m a freelance German copywriter, content writer and translator near Munich. With my service I help self-employed and small businesses to create powerful and convincing content for websites in English and German.

How I can support you:

Website content

Powerful web copy/content which attracts your ideal customers/clients.

SEO content

Search Engine Optimisation, which helps you get found on Google.

Translation service

Professional translation service in English and German for websites.

A website with content and translations to remember

Websites are ten a penny. But the ones we remember are the ones which let us feel something. Let it be to feel understood or spoken to, the right words will convince us. To achieve this goal, one needs more than a website with nice pictures. Besides emotions and usability, especially Google is the one to decide where and how your website is to be found online.

What clients and Google want:

  • an user-friendly and clear website,
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) content,
  • German articles and translations for more business internationally.

As well as suitable articles, authentic translations are a major point to look at. One who doesn’t know how his clients/customers speak, can not reach out to them. Especially English marks a valuable language, which helps you to speak to as many people as possible. But translating the own website has made it difficult for many. Words alone doesn’t automatically make any sense which is often found between the lines.

A successful website means time, patience and knowledge. Throughout the day it is often hard to find those values. I want to support you!

Why content, copy and translations from Julia Hofbauer?

Content and copy with brain and heart

Awesome web copy or web content needs SEO knowledge and a huge sense of empathy. I create text which attracts your ideal customers, is user-friendly to read and suited to your values and business philosophy.

Translations with knowledge

My training as foreign language secretary allows me to translate English professionally and authentically at the same time. Besides practical language specialities, I learnt a lot about cultural and interpersonal values. Today English is a firm component of my everyday life.

Being in touch is everything

Being in touch with you is very important to me. It helps me realising your wishes and requirements as good as possible. My goal is to show the quality of your services and products in high-quality content.

You can count on me

Houston? We don’t have a problem!
Reliability and trust are important values to me as well as talking to each other. That and a friendly conversation I guarantee you when working with me for successful results.


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If you have any questions left about me or my website writing service or translation service, feel free to contact me!

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