I’m a SEO copywriter and translator

because I really care about my customer’s businesses.

It makes me sad to see how helpful and supportive offers vanish into the depth of the internet. Simply because no one gets to see them. That doesn’t have to be that way!

I’m here to help self-employed and small businesses becoming visible and interesting. How? I provide you with powerful SEO content which suits you and your business and gets rewarded from Google with a rank on site 1. And always keeping in mind:

People buy from people.

Use SEO and empathy to get to your customers

Julia Hofbauer - Freelance German copywriter and translator for German and English

Do you know how many websites there are on the internet? Good, me neither. But one thing I do know for sure: there are tons of it! As you can see ranking on page 1 of Google seems like an impossible thing to do.

Sure there is no 100% guarantee for success and anyone telling you otherwise is probably just mixing it all up. But what I do can tell you is that it’s really possible!
Everything you need for it is:

  • Search engine optimised meta descriptions, titles, etc.,
  • a technically flawless website, backlinks and
  • content to remember.

All of it can be too much for one person to handle and that’s the reason why I’m here to help you with my services. I’d like to support you attracting the ideal customers with your online offers and reaching out to potential clients. When you’re website is on page 102-somewhat on Google, it won’t be found.

You see: the most attractive offer is useless if no one gets to see it.

A SEO copywriter is not enough when you’re creating content in another language that’s why I’m a translator as well

Especially in times like these selling, buying and trade in general is dependent on other countries. If you want to attract people oversea, you need bilingual content for it. I mean it would be sad if it eventually wouldn’t work because of language barriers, right?

German content can help you reach out to potential customers, gain their trust and shows them your’re open-minded. And keep in mind, multilingual content won’t just impress internationally but also nationally. Particularly younger generations are frequently using languages like English and German in their daily lives.


Translator out of love for the English language

Who’s reaching for the top, needs to learn how to fly. Or just simply use a plane.

Meaning? If (for what reason so ever) you’re not able to make it on your own, you are allowed to get help for it. We all get to the point where we can’t do it all by ourselves. School is back in the days and in our daily life we often don’t need no other language. As a foreign language secretary in English and Spanish I help you translate your websites, content and blog posts in flawless German.

The certificate I got from SEFIC (Spoken English for Industry and Commerce) shows my English level C2 – known as the hightest level for a non-native speaker.

I’ve always been passionate about learing other languages and eventually using them. So it is no surprise I can now call it my job to help other people create impactful content for websites.


Funny but true – 6 fun facts about me:

  • I love living in a small village with nothing but nature around me.
  • The three magical words for me: yoga, meditation and incense sticks.
  • After school I tried like 20 different jobs. I was in a kindergarten and worked as an interior decorator. That way I tried almost everything that interested me.
  • I worked in Austria as a waitress for two winter seasons – hard work!
  • Throughout my life I stood several times on stage. Whether as a singer, actress or dancer.
  • In August 2020 I went on a tour throughout Germany with my “VW Bulli”, completely by myself.


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