Julia Hofbauer – Copywriter and Translator

My Name is Julia Hofbauer, I’m a copywriter and translator from Germany. I help self-employed and companies create impressive content for their website, blog or social media.

Looking for a German copywriter? Found one!

Julia Hofbauer - Freelance German copywriter and translator for German and English

Early in the days I began to write. I wrote almost everyday and with a lot of passion. Today I am providing my skills in copywriting to support you and your company. Because I know  if you want to present convincing content, you need the right words for it.

It doesn’t matter if you want to

  • successfully present your products or your company online,
  • boost your business to reach out to potential clients,
  • sell your products regionally or internationally.

As a copywriter I create impressive content which attracts your ideal client. I know what’s important to create a website and its content and therefore I can help you save a lot of time and increase the visitors on your website.

Shoot for the stars with German content

I’m not only a German copywriter, I’m also a foreign language secretary which allows me to write texts in German and English for websites, blogs or social media to increase the marketing of your products and company. This way you can attract potential customers all over Germany, Austria or Switzerland and boost you sales. But not just foreign countries are attracted by multilingual content, it also puts a good light on your business in your home country. You’re showing competency for making business internationally.

Translator with love for the detail

As a foreign language secretary for English and Spanish, I’m helping you with the flawless translation of your website, texts or blog posts. During my training I took the SEFIC exam (Spoken English for Industry and Commerce) and achieved level C2 – known as the highest level for a non-native speaker.

That and the fact that all of my teachers were native speakers was a big advantage for me and the understanding of the english language. Quickly the passion became a profession which today allows me to help self-employed and companies in translating their commercial articles.


Funny but true – 6 fun facts about me:

  • I love living in a small village with nothing but nature around me.
  • The three magical words for me: yoga, meditation and incense sticks.
  • After school I tried like 20 different jobs. I was in a kindergarten and worked as an interior decorator. That way I tried almost everything that interested me.
  • I worked in Austria as a waitress for two winter seasons – hard work!
  • Throughout my life I stood several times on stage. Whether as a singer, actress or dancer.
  • In August 2020 I went on a tour throughout Germany with my “VW Bulli”, completely by myself.