Professional translation service for websites in German and English

  • “Having a website translated is likely to cost a lot.”
  • “Well, the ones who want to understand my website will find a way to.”
  • “German translations only have a positive impact, if I sell products in Germany.”

Could be like that, doesn’t have to. How about:

  • To translate a website professionally costs as much as you are willing to invest in it.
  • Visitors on your website want to feel spoken to, if they don’t understand the language they are likely to leave the site as soon as possible.
  • If you want to sell something in Germany, you need German, right. But even nationally German content has positive effects for you like competence, open-minded and admired.
With my knowledge as a foreign language secretary, I provide you with professional translation service for your website in German and English.

Translating isn’t just simply translating

Communicating in different languages is getting more and more important for business. So it makes sense that offerings for “translation services online” are steadily rising. With Google leading. But wanting to get a website professionally translated means more thant just putting words together in the hope it would make any sense.

To create real translations I have to focus on the topic of the article and look at things like:

  • What is the content trying to tell/inform me about?
  • What’s the intention of the author?
  • Who is this article meant to be written by?

Overall one would say “you have to read between the lines”. So it makes sense that translating is far more than just switching some words. You have to really know what the context is about to create senseful translations.

Professional translation service is a win!

In my training as a state-approved foreign language secretary I’ve learnt how to practically apply my knowledge. I provide an authentic and meaningful translation service for German and Englisch which helps you convice your clients. If you’re having business in Germany, especially for sectors as marketing and pr work, the German language means serious competence and trust.

You’d like to have German or English copy written by me? Go ahead and follow the link for more.


  • Everyday English
  • Business English
  • German – English
  • English – German


  • Website
  • Product descriptions
  • Advertisement
    (flyer, newsletter)
  • Books or subtitles

Go for a translation service. It’s worth it!

Faulty translations are highly unprofessional to international partners and are scaring them off. This could mean bad reviews on Google or even question our credibility. Worst case scenario for badly translated website texts would be serious damage of the business and loss of clients.

What will it cost to have content translated by me?

That depends on:

  • length of the text,
  • everyday or business English,
  • research needed depending on the topic.

When giving an estimate of my prices, I go by the effort needed and difficulty of the content. Because of that I do not charge per word but rather per hour. As for some orders you need more time and research to get deep into the topic (see translating isn’t translating).

I’d be more than happy to advise you personally. If you’re interested, send me an e-mail to

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