Design or Content?

Design or Content – What’s more important?

Welcome to my very first blog post!
I am Julia Hofbauer. A freelance German copywriter and translator for both German and English.

The first impression of a website is everything – right?

Quite true, isn’t it? The design of  a website is the first thing a visitor will notice when clicking on your link. Nice pictures and lovely details attract us like light attracts moths. But often we associate a beautiful design with quality and that’s where the problem is because if we like what we see we’ll especially want to be convinced by the content, right?

Pictures and colours give us a first impression of the person or the company, which means that the design of a homepage decides whether to stay or to leave the page. Unfortunately a lot of my customers think that this should be the first priority to invest in.

That’s where mistakes are being made! Because as soon as the design arouses the interest of the visitor he’ll want to see what it’s really about: the C O N T E N T.

Content for websites, blogs or social media

The content of a website can tell your customer a lot. It can give us information about a specific topic, entertain or educate us. It’s up to the author what goal should be achievev with the article.

Websites – mostly used for information about a person or a company
Blogs – invite us to learn more about several topics
Social Media – platforms for entertainment or marketing

But it doesn’t matter which type of content we’re looking for, fact is:
We want to find results that satisfy our problem

Unfortunately, exactly here following mistakes are being made again and again:

  • long and comlicated sentences are making it hard to understand the content,
  • large text passages literally hit us and aren’t inviting to read on,
  • spelling mistakes quickly make an unprofessional and sloppy impression,
  • websites are coverd with nothing but articles scare of the reader.

As a consequence potential clients quickly feel overwhelmed and have no further interest in looking for solutions on your website (usability). They leave the site and go back to Googles search results, which will be a loss for you.

German content

Multilingual content is a firm part of our private and business lives. Especially German is getting more and more important on the international market. German content helps you with the marketing of your products or services in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and furthermore proving your competency for international business.

So don’t underestimate the effect of multilingual content on your website, blog or social media.

“I’m good at marketing but have no clue about translating.”

My tips for you:

  • Find yourself a translator for German and English who you entrust your website articles to. This way you’re saving time and nerves while still creating the content you wish for (as a native German copywriter I’m happy to help you – see more on the German version of my website)

Design or Conten – now what is more important?

Keeping a long story short:

the design of a website is important and decisive for your potential customer’s first interest in your products or services, but in the end it doesn’t care if your website looks nice but the content isn’t what your client is looking for.
So both is important for online success but the one thing can’t shine without the other.

On the pages copywriting and translating I’ll tell you more about the way I work and why those two are so important for successful online marketing. If you still have some questions left, feel free to contact me.

Until then!
Enjoy the lovely autumn weather.

Julia Hofbauer

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