Translations in German and English

The importance of international correspondence is highly significant. To be successful in the world wide web, you need a convincing website and for that you have to work with languages, especially German as an important commerce partner. But translating a whole text is far more tricky than you might think.

Not the translation of single words makes it perfect. It’s more the message of the text – reading between the lines. Not until you understand what the text is about, you can create a senseful translation. That’s where common translators can’t help you.

I am translating for you!

German is my mother language but English is my everday life companion.

Because of that it is easy for me to translate texts in perfect English or German for you and your website, blog or newsletter. My English skills are C2 (learn more about it on about).


  • Everyday used English
  • Business English
  • German – English
  • English – German


  • Website
  • Portable object files (po files)
  • Letters
  • Book
  • Advertisement
    (flyer, newsletter)

Why invest money in a translation?

Faulty translations are highly unprofessional to international partners. They’ll probably even scare them off or cause bad reputations. Worst case scenario: bad turnover and loss of important customers.

What will it cost to have a text translated by me?

Probably the most important question, indeed.

No worries, I’m happy to let you know. Just send me an e-mail: