Copywriting in German and English

Why hire a copywriter for your articles?

First impressions are everything, right?
Yes, indeed. But with further look into the details you quickly realise that text and its content are the ones that really need to convince you. Unfortunately especially there often mistakes are being made. That’s a big disadvantage for SEO (search engine optimisation) and its positive effects for your success.

That’s where I come in as a freelance copywriter.

My goal is to write articles that fit you and your company perfectly.

A copywriter like me helps you with text-based ads, newspaper articles or blog posts. If you hire some to write texts for you, you can save time and still create important content for your website. Which increases visitor numbers and Google ranking.

Sometimes you just need to edit a text that has already been written to achieve the success you wish for. I am here to help you!

German copywriters are in demand!

In times of globalization German content is important as it has never been before. To reach as many potential customers as possible you need to think and act globally. I know which words to use to reach out to native German speakers! Who wants to be truly successful on the international market should not hesitate letting a copywriter write their texts.

In case you already have the perfect text but just need its translation. I can highly recommend you reading more about me translating websites, co. for you.

Creating text in German and English

  • On paper or digital
  • Website
  • Blog posts
  • Social Media
  • Advertisement
    (flyer, blog posts, newsletter)

Optimise text

  • Improve
  • Edit
  • Modify


Currently I am improving my skills in SEO (search engine optimisation).

Ever heard of it? SEO is helping you to rank with your website on page one of Google and attract more people to visit your website. To create search engine optimised content you need to know stuff about keywords and why keyword stuffing is a thorn in Googles side. Backlinks and meta tags are important to know about, too. All of that is just a snippet of the needed know-how to correctly use SEO.

What does it cost to have a text written by me?

Probably the most important question, indeed.

No worries, I’m happy to let you know. Just send me an e-mail: